30 September

30 September Special day and Historical Events

Aaj ka Panchang:

Aaj ka Panchang 

  • Anala Samvatsar Vikram Samvat 2080, Shak Samvat Shobhakrit 1945, Bhadrapada month.
  • Pratipada Tithi today until 12:21 PM after Dwitiya.
  • After Ashwini, Nakshatra Revati will be active until 09:08 PM.
  • Dhruva Yoga until 4:27 PM, followed by Vyaghata Yoga.
  • Karan Kaulav till 12:21 PM, followed by Taitil until 10:58 PM, followed by Gar.
  • Rahu Kaal time today is 09:19 AM until 10:48 .
  • The Moon will transit from Pisces to Aries today till 09:08 PM.

आज का पंचांग हिंदी में

  • आनल संवत्सर विक्रम संवत 2080, शक संवत शोभाकृत 1945, भाद्रपद मास।
  • द्वितीया उपरांत प्रतिपदा तिथि आज दोपहर 12:21 बजे तक।
  • अश्विनी के बाद रात्रि 09:08 बजे तक नक्षत्र रेवती सक्रिय रहेगा।
  • ध्रुव योग शाम 4:27 बजे तक, उसके बाद व्याघात योग।
    करण कौलव दोपहर 12:21 बजे तक, इसके बाद तैतिल रात 10:58 बजे तक, इसके बाद गर।
  • राहु काल का समय आज प्रातः 09:19 बजे से प्रातः 10:48 बजे तक है।
  • चंद्रमा आज रात 09:08 बजे तक मीन राशि से मेष राशि तक गोचर करेगा.
30 September

International blasphemy rights day:

International blasphemy rights day commonly referred to as ‘Blasphemy Day‘ or ‘International blasphemy Day‘, This day Individuals and groups about human rights laws and defends the right to express oneself freely, particularly open criticism of religion and cast , which has been punished in several countries. In 2009, By The Center for Inquiry proposed International Human Rights Day as a global event.

First annual Blasphemy Day Event celebrated in World wide way in 2009 included an art exhibit in Washington, D.C. and a free speech festival in Los Angeles.

International rabbit day:

Every year on the last Saturday of September celebrates International Rabbit Day. which comes about on the 30 September this year, International Rabbit Day is observed. While we like celebrating rabbits on a daily basis, this day is dedicated to increasing awareness and supporting the welfare and safety of both domestic and wild rabbits. Rabbit Charity in the United Kingdom founded International Rabbit Day in 1998. The major purpose of this effort is to guarantee that abandoned or endangered rabbits receive good treatment and permanent refuge. Rabbits are vulnerable to viral infections and can become prey for a variety of other animals. This day serves as a reminder that there is much more we can do for them.

International rabbit day

Rabbits’ eyes are positioned in such a way that they can see almost 360 degrees around them. Rabbits have a sweet tooth: The majority of rabbits prefer consuming sweets, particularly fruits!

Rabbits are protected in India under the Wildlife Protection Act (1972), and hunting them for meat is illegal.

International transnational day:

Held annually on September 30th, International Translation Day represents an international recognition of the invaluable contributions made by ‘Translators and language professionals.

Origin of International Translation Day:

International Translation Day’s origins may be traced back to the International Federation of Translators (FIT), which first commemorated it in 1991. FIT is a global association created in 1953 that represents translators, interpreters, and lexicographers. This day was created to foster solidarity within the worldwide translation community and to raise awareness about the importance of the translation profession.

International transnational day

International Translation Day 2023:

On September 30th, we will once again celebrate International Translation Day. Theme of the international Translation Day ‘Translation unveils the many faces of humanity’. This theme brilliantly exemplifies translation’s unique capacity to show the deep and bright fabric of human variation.”

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