Scientists Discover 8th Continent

Scientists Discover 8th Continent

Scientists Discover 8th Continent; The existence of seven continents is a well-known fact. But did you realize there may be an additional eighth one? Apparently, it took researchers approximately 375 years to find the eighth continent on Earth. Despite being surrounded by riddles, it is supposed to have been hidden in plain sight the entire time.

According to reports, geologists have discovered a significant area of abandoned land beneath the Pacific Ocean’s waves. The fact that about 94% of this continent is submerged is a problem, though. With this finding, there is now a lot of proof that the eighth continent on earth actually exists.(Scientists Discover 8th-Continent).

A continent that was concealed from view was found some 375 years later by scientists. A tiny group of geologists and seismologists have produced a new, comprehensive map of Zealandia or Te Riu-a-Mui, according to a story. In order to identify this hidden continent, researchers used information gathered from samples of rocks recovered from the ocean floor. (Scientists Discover 8th Continent)The study findings have been released in the journal “Tectonics.”

8th Continent


Zealandia is a massive continent that is 1.89 million square miles (4.9 million square kilometers) in size, making it almost six times larger than Madagascar, according to a BBC article. There are really eight continents, according to the scientific team, and the most recent one set new world records for being the world’s tiniest, thinnest, and youngest continent.(Scientists Discover 8th Continent.

Only a few islands, like New Zealand, protrude above the sea’s surface on this new continent, which is covered in water to a depth of 94 percent. According to Andy Tulloch, a geologist from GNS Science, a division of New Zealand’s Crown Research Institute, who was a member of the team that found Zealandia, “It’s an example of how long it can take to discover something that’s really quite apparent.” Researchers claim that it has never been easy to examine Zealandia. Currently, collections of rocks and sediment samples—the majority from drilling sites, while others came from the coasts of the area’s islands—are being studied by scientists.(Scientists Discover 8th Continent)

According to, the analysis of rock samples has revealed geological patterns in West Antarctica that may point to the presence of a subduction zone distant from New Zealand’s western coast at the Campbell Plateau. Researchers did not discover any magnetic anomalies in that area, which defies the Campbell Fault’s strike-slip fault theory.

Scientists Discover 8th Continent

(Scientists Discover 8th Continent)The position of Zealandia’s magnetic arc axis is depicted on the new comprehensive map, along with other noteworthy geological features. The ancient supercontinent Gondwana, which originated roughly 550 million years ago and eventually united all the landmasses of the Southern Hemisphere into one, included Zealandia at one point. This is all about Scientists Discover 8th Continent.

Question: What is the name of 8th Continent?

Answer: Zealandia

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