28 October Headlines

28 October Headlines

Qatar Death Penality

Eight Indian nationals were found guilty of spying for Israel and given the death penalty in Qatar this week. When they were detained more than a year ago, these former navy personnel were engaged in a pearl diving operation for Qatari authorities. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs plans to speak with Qatari authorities about the situation and is now looking into legal options. The people are suspected of spying for Israel, according to sources in both nations who spoke with Reuters. They are given the opportunity to challenge the death penalty. Qatar Death Penality

Qatar Death Penality

However, neither nation has yet to offer comprehensive details on the accusations and charges. The Indian government is actively following the case, considering an appeal against the death sentence, and providing consular and legal help. They want to bring up the issue with Qatari officials after the court’s ruling.

Tata-Wistron Deal (Made in India iphone)

The sale of Tata Electronics to Wistron Infocom Manufacturing India Private Limited is said to have received approval from the Wistron Board. According to Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Tata Group would shortly produce Apple iPhones in India for both local and international consumers. Tata-Wistron Deal

Tata has previously revealed intentions to assemble iPhones in India, which were initially made public in May of this year. Wistron Corp, an Indian manufacturer of iPhones, has consented to sell Tata its Karnataka production facility.

Tata-Wistron Deal

Regarding PM Modi’s goal of creating globally important Indian electronics manufacturing enterprises, Chandrasekhar tweeted. Tata will begin producing iPhones for both domestic and international markets in a little over two years, indicating India’s involvement in the global supply chain. In addition, Tata intends to open 100 Apple Stores in India, home to 1.4 billion people. Tata-Wistron Deal

Parliament panel could advise the government to make adultery as a crime once more.

According to reports, a legislative committee is thinking about suggesting that the area’s antiquated adultery rules be changed. Three measures to change the Indian Evidence Act, the Criminal Procedure Code, and the Indian Penal Code are presently being reviewed by this committee. Amit Shah, the home minister, presented these proposals in August, with a three-month review period. The opposition members asked for a three-month extension before the committee could adopt the bill reports during their most recent meeting. November 6th is the date of the next meeting.

It is expected that the committee would suggest reclassifying adultery as a crime that is gender-neutral, which may lead to prosecution of both men and women for having sexual intercourse with someone without their spouse’s permission. Given that the court has already concluded that the adultery statute violates Articles 14, 15, 19, and 21 of the Indian Constitution, the constitutional viability of the law has also come up for consideration. Although non-consensual sexual relations and bestiality are still covered under Section 377, there are no provisions in the Indian Penal Code that deal with these charges against men, women, or transgender people. 28 October Headlines

Border guards in Canada issue a “armed and dangerous” notice. | Where is Robert Card?

Robert Card is believed to have carried out a mass shooting in Maine that left 18 people dead and 13 wounded in a number of different places. According to his neighbor Rick Godard, Card, the main suspect, is still at large and poses a threat to law enforcement because of his hunting prowess and knowledge with the region. Wednesday was the day of the event, and Card’s current location is a mystery. Robert Card

Regarding Card specifically, the Canada Border Services Agency issued a “armed and dangerous” notice for border patrol personnel on Thursday. The 40-year-old Card, a weapons instructor, allegedly threatened a National Guard facility in Sebago, Maine, and had mental health problems. In relation to the horrific shooting, law enforcement is actively looking for Card along with his weapons and ammo. Robert Card

Eight-hour battle between Indian and Pakistani forces has border communities in Jammu terrified.

An unsettling quiet has descended in the border villages following an eight-hour battle between Indian and Pakistani forces near the Line of Control (LoC) in the Arnia sector of Jammu. The 2003 ceasefire was broken by the skirmish, which was the first time Pakistan Rangers had used mortar rounds since the truce’s February 2021 amendment. Two BSF personnel were hurt earlier on October 17, when the major source of tension was light small-arms fire.

Robert Card

Homes and crops in the vicinity were damaged when the fighting started on Thursday night at approximately eight o’clock. Now, the Border Security Force is at maximum readiness. Though they have returned to their communities, the locals are nonetheless worried about the possibility of fresh conflicts. The event comes after five terrorists were slain in a Kupwara battle against infiltrators. Over the last eight months, attempts to breach the LoC have been reported by Major General Girish Kalia. 28 October Headlines

RIL Q2 results: Despite a decline in O2C sales, net profit increased 30% YoY to Rs 19,878 crore.

Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) reported a consolidated net profit of Rs 19,878 crore in the second quarter of the financial year 2023–24, indicating a 29.7% annual rise, despite a fall in income from its oil-to-chemicals division. Strong results in Jio, retail, and upstream activities drove this rise. For the quarter that ended on September 30, the company’s gross income from operations was Rs 2.55 lakh crore, up from Rs 2.52 lakh crore in the same period last year.

28 October Headlines

The owners of the firm reaped a net profit of Rs 17,394 crore during the same time last year, an increase from Rs 13,656 crore. Additionally, RIL was able to lower its net debt to Rs 1.17 lakh billion. The firm intends to increase its retail presence and expects the high worldwide demand for oil to continue.

PM Modi make this possible: Technology, Seva, Spirituality, and Governance | Full Day work for PM

It was a busy day for Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday. At the Indian Mobile Congress, he started out by talking about technology and highlighting India’s leadership in 6G technology. In order to address healthcare requirements, he later took part in a program that was service-oriented and opened a new Jankikund Medical College branch.

In the afternoon, he attended a meeting with revered saints in Tulsi Peeth, Chitrakoot, highlighting the importance of Sanskrit both intellectually and culturally. PM Modi presided over significant policy and governance discussions after his return to Delhi. His hectic schedule, which represented his interest in a wide range of topics from technology to spirituality, came before his attempts to campaign for impending elections in five states. 28 October Headlines

Kerala government opposes NCERT’s suggestion to change the name of India in school textbooks to “Bharat.”

V. Shivankutty, Kerala’s Minister of Education has said that the BJP-led national government is falsifying historical records. On Thursday, he said that the state government will not support the proposal made by the high-level committee of the NCERT to rename the nation from “India” to “Bharat” in textbooks. According to Shivankutty, the Constitution grants residents the freedom to refer to either “India” or “Bharat,” and Kerala condemns any legislation that restricts its inhabitants’ freedom to use either one of the two terms.

He went on to say that historical truths are being manipulated by the federal government. Shivankutty underlined that they had all agreed to use “Bharat” in textbooks for pupils. Dr. C. Shivakumar, the deputy chief minister of Karnataka, charged that the central was misleading people with this suggestion. 28 October Headlines

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