News Headlines 18 October

News Headlines 18 October

By 2040 India transport humans to the moon

India transport humans to the moon In August, India became the fourth nation to successfully complete a soft landing close to the south pole of the moon, marking a significant accomplishment. Building on this achievement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered India to launch an astronaut to the moon by 2040 and construct its own space station, the “Bharatiya Antariksha Station,” by 2035. India also keeps up its space efforts, with plans for a crewed space trip and solar research.(News Headlines 18 October)

 India transport humans to the moon

PM Narendra Modi declared that the Gaganyaan mission will launch in 2025.

India transport humans to the moon, A high-level conference to evaluate India’s Gaganyaan Mission and future space exploration plans was presided over by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On October 21, Flight Test Vehicle Abort Mission-1 (TV-D1), the first unmanned test for Gaganyaan, is expected to take place. With a three-person crew traveling to a low earth orbit for three days, it’s an important step in showcasing the potential of human spaceflight. PM Modi advocated further space ambitions, such as an Indian Space Station by 2035 and a human moon landing by 2040, in addition to India’s 2025 Gaganyaan launch target. The rise of the private space sector in India is enabled by this all-encompassing vision.(News Headlines 18 October)

PM Narendra Modi declared that the Gaganyaan mission will launch in 2025.

The NHRC enquired with the state administration about eight open instances that had been reported to the commission.

Manipur Violence

The Manipur administration was questioned by the NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) over the status of complaints of violent crime. The majority of reports have been submitted, and reminders have been sent for the final eight. 18 instances were reported to the NHRC. Responses were collected through a standard questionnaire.

Plans for recovery, investigations, and relief efforts were mentioned. The NHRC demanded information on pay and appointments and provided directions for sanitization, nutrition, healthcare, education, employment, rebuilding, and peace-building.(News Headlines 18 October)

After the alleged shooter in Brussels had killed two people, authorities shot him.

The alleged shooter in Brussels, who had earlier killed two Swedish football fans, was killed by Belgian police. The level of Belgium’s terrorism danger warning was elevated to the highest since 2016. Since 2016, the 45-year-old Tunisian attacker has been on the police’ radar. In light of the tragedy, the European Union is reviewing its refugee laws. In a video, the assailant took credit for the incident and swore loyalty to ISIS. For the first time since the 2016 ISIS attacks, the Crisis Center raised the terrorist alert in Brussels to level 4, which is the highest.(News Headlines 18 October)

The Supreme Court has instructed the state to stop discriminating against same-sex couples and to find a way to keep them from receiving benefits.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage, expectations were high for unmarried and same-sex couples. Justices S.K. Kaul and others dissented, as did Chief Justice Devi Chandrachud. They showed differences in their viewpoints, particularly with regards to how much the court ought to become involved. They suggested setting up a commission to deal with the issues that same-sex couples really experience. The justices continued to disagree on the topic of unmarried and same-sex couples’ joint adoption.(News Headlines 18 October)


Bank of Baroda under SUS

The Story is: Due to a fraudulent scheme, the RBI prohibited Bank of Baroda on October 10 from adding new users to its “bob World” mobile app. Employees connected accounts in the system to random mobile numbers under pressure to reach unattainable goals. According to reports, the bank’s internal audit, which was carried out by its own staff, used fictitious paperwork to hide the fraud. Similar to the Wells Fargo affair in the US, this issue raises concerns about the function of management and the effects of arbitrary sales goals. Although the RBI has taken note, its long-term effects are yet unknown.(News Headlines 18 October)

Bank of Baroda under SUS

ICICI Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank are fined by the RBI for their noncompliance.

For failing to comply with regulatory requirements, the Reserve Bank fined ICICI Bank 12.19 crore and Kotak Mahindra Bank 3.95 crore. While Kotak Mahindra’s penalty is for violations in “Managing Risks and Code of Conduct in Outsourcing,” “Recovery Agents,” “Customer Service,” and “Loans and Advances,” ICICI Bank’s penalty pertains to violations in “Loans and Advances” and “Frauds classification and reporting.” The penalties deal with violations of regulatory compliance; they don’t cast doubt on the legitimacy of transactions or agreements with clients.(News Headlines 18 October)

Pakistan complained to the ICC over “inappropriate conduct” by its own squad during a World Cup match against India.

Regarding “inappropriate conduct” against the Pakistani squad during the 2023 World Cup match between India and Pakistan, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has filed a formal complaint with the International Cricket Council (ICC). In addition, the PCB filed a formal protest on the denial of visas to Pakistani media covering the World Cup and decried the lack of a defined visa policy for Pakistani supporters. At the India-Pakistan game, PCB Chairman Zaka Ashraf voiced displeasure with several actions and is currently examining his views with senior officials.

ICC world cup

IOC Meeting

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