24 September

24 September Events:

Aaj ka panchang

आज का पंचांग हिंदी मैं Aaj ka panchang

  • आज का पंचांग हिंदी मैं
  • रविवार(Sunday), 24 सितंबर 2023 को भाद्रपद माह के शुक्ल पक्ष की नवमी तिथि है।
  • दिन के शुभ मुहूर्त की बात करें तो रविवार को अभिजीत मुहूर्त 11: 48 से 12: 36 तक रहेगा।
  • इस तिथि पर पूर्वाषाढ़ा नक्षत्र और पूर्वाषाढ़ा योग का संयोग रहेगा।
  • चंद्रमा धनु राशि में मौजूद रहेंगे।
  • राहुकाल प्रातः 16:41 से 18:11मिनट तक रहेगा। 
  • Sunday, 24 September 2023 is the ninth date of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month.
  • Talking about the auspicious time of the day, Abhijeet Muhurta will be from 11:48 to 12:36 on Sunday.
  • On this date there will be a coincidence of Purvashadha Nakshatra and Purvashadha Yoga.
  • Moon will be present in Sagittarius.
  • Rahukaal will appear from 16:41 am to 18:11 am.
Aaj ka panchang

World Deaf Day or International Day of the Deaf:

World Deaf Day seeks to increase Human awareness of the promlem and difficulties that deaf(bahra) and hard of hearing which individuals deaf experience in our deaf lifestyle. In addition to highlighting the deaf community’s linguistic and cultural variety, it improve and prmote sign language as a vividly tool for communication with deaf and other human which are not capable to hearing. The significance of inclusion and equality for everyone in society is also emphasized on this day.

How to support the rights of people who are deaf and no capable to to hearing to hearing properly:

  • Promote deaf rights of Deaf person by assisting them in obtaining special rights ANd equality in Society that will improve their inclusion and empowerment into society.
  • Learn sign language; sign language is a fascinating and charming language that can be useful for conversing with the deaf and other which are not capable to hearing properly .
  • Donations capital that expand opportunities for deaf people should be made in support of organizations that help them by donating money and other Activities.

World Day of the Deaf / World Deaf day : Official Event And Theme:

The department will introduce a number of initiatives on ISL Day, which falls on September 23, 2023, under the theme –“A World where Deaf People Everywhere can Sign Anywhere.”

World Deaf Day

World deaf day 2023 theme

“A World where Deaf People Everywhere can Sign Anywhere.

The day of celebration, advocacy, and awareness is known as World Day of the Deaf. While stressing the challenges they confront, it celebrates the deaf community’s tenacity and accomplishments. This day supports to deaf the continuous mission to make the world more inclusive,unbiased and fair for everyone by promoting unity in diversity, sign language have inclusiveness, and those who use them. Let’s reflect on the accomplishments to date and the work that still needs to be done to promote the rights and welfare of deaf and hard-of-hearing people throughout the world as we approach the 72nd anniversary in 2023. for more details….

World Bollywod day:

World Bollywood Day celebrates the majesty and influence of Indian cinema around the world. Since it’s the beginning/inception has advanced significantly and continues to engage audiences, bridge cultural gaps, and disseminate storylines that will fascinate coming generations.

On September 24, World Bollywood Day, let’s toast the vivacious and dazzling world of Bollywood! This day honors one of the world’s most significant film industries.

Historical Point Relates to Bollywood:

  • The Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2023: The Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2023was held on Monday, 20 February in Mumbai. 
    • Ranbir Kapoor won ‘Best Actor (Male)’ for his role in Brahmastra
    • Alia Bhatt won ‘Best Actor'(Female) for Gangubai Kathiawadi webseries.
  • National Film Awards 2023:
    • Allu Arjun wins Best Actor;
    • Alia Bhatt and Kriti Sanon share the Best Actress Award
  • The first Indian-made film to be made available for screening in Bombay is “Raja Harishchandra”.
  • A 1937 Hindi Cinecolor full-length motion picture titled “isan Kanya” was produced by Ardeshir Irani of Imperial Pictures and directed by Moti Gidwani.
  • Alam Ara” was the first Indian movie that have a sound. It was directed by Ardeshir Irani and released in year 1931.

How to celebrates World Bollywod day:

Observe Bollywood films!
Watching some of the films is a perfect way to appreciate the vibrant and rich desi dance and cinema culture. Bollywood is truly a phenomenon, and it is easy to understand why. If you didn’t know, Netflix has a ton of Bollywood movies you can watch, like:

  • Ms. Dhoni” starring Sushant Singh Rajput
  • “Kabhi Khuushi Kabhi Gham” starring Shah Rukh Khan,
  • “Kabir Singh” starring Shahid Kapoor,
  • “Tanu Weds Manu” starring Kangana Ranaut

Listen to Bollywood music:

Turn up the volume and listen to some classic Bollywood songs. Bollywood songs are very pleasant. You can find playlists of popular songs on Spotify,Youtube.com Apple Music, and other streaming services.

Pick up some movements

Bollywood dance is enjoyable and a fantastic kind of workout. Look up some simple beginner routines on YouTube and practice for a few hours to wow your desi friends. There is something for everyone, including the “Thumka,” the “Pretty Much Bhangra” for boys, the “Vah-Vah-Vah” for aunts,learn quotes to impress your partner and the “Anaconda” if you have a lover. Be confident and move those hips. Most essential, smile and dance while having fun!

Familier with Bollywood celebrities:

Bollywood Actor

Bollywood Actors

Almost everyone in nations like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh is familiar with Bollywood stars. They are the buzz of the town and the equivalent of Hollywood in the area. Leave out well-known names like:

National Film Awards 2023: Best Actor goes to Allu Arjun; Best Actress honors go to Alia Bhatt and Kriti Sanon mutually.

· Aamir Khan · Akshay Kumar · Ajay Devgan · Amjad Khan · Amitabh Bachchan · Amol Palekar · Abhay Deol · Akshaye Khanna.Anushka Shetty · Amjad Khan · Abhay Deol · Akshaye Khanna Sonu sood

World River Day

The World Rivers Day is a celebration of the River and other wateways  throughout the globe celebrates the various benefits of our rivers and aims to raise public awareness of all rivers’ significance and use of water 💦. The yearly international event supports both sustainable management and conservation of these essential natural resources.
The purpose of World Rivers Day is to celebrate all international rivers. It is a day set specifically to raise awareness of the value of rivers and streams and to motivate people to protect our beautiful and significant rivers.

History of world river day

Origin/Innception of World river day : A group of Canadian river conservationists created World Rivers Day. During the International Year of Freshwater in 1980, the concept for this day was originally put forth. Still, it took some time for it to start taking off and become a widely known event.

Date of 🎉 celebration World rivers day 24 September :

First Celebration: On 24 September , 2005, the first World Rivers Day was formally observed. This first occasion signaled the launch of an international campaign to highlight the value of rivers and freshwater ecosystems.

Theme of World rivers day 2023:

The them of World Rivers Day in 2023 is “waterways in our communities.” It emphasizes preserving rivers that are still in good health while also working to repair rivers that have suffered damage in the past.

Theme of World rivers day 2023:

“waterways in our communities.

The main goal of World Rivers Day:

is to emphasize and aware the numerous and crucial functions that rivers and river water 💦 play in our lives. Rivers provide drinking water and water for other use , play a role as habitatand shelter for multiple plant and animal species, and rivers support a number of economic activities including transportation, production and manufacturing of company and products, and agriculture.

Awareness and preservation:

World Rivers Day is an opportunity to spread information in whole world about the materials that’s dangers that rivers face, such as pollution, habitat damage, and excessive water extraction. It also motivates people to take action to save and clean up these crucial rivers.4.

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