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National Education Policy 2023

(Sports part of School Curriculum – NEP) Sports cannot now longer be disregarded in the new education program, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks on Saturday. Mr. Modi began his remarks in Bhojpuri by recalling a period when sports were only popular in major cities with sizable stadiums. “The days when sports were only played in big cities and big stadiums are gone,” he said. (Sports part of School Curriculum – NEP)Nowadays, even in rural places, there are sporting facilities comparable to those in Delhi and Mumbai. He highlighted that, in accordance with the National Education Policy of 2020, sports are equally important to other topics and cannot be disregarded.

National Education Policy

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According to him, the stadium would not only assist sportsmen but also help the Purvanchal region’s economy, making it a potential bonanza for eastern Uttar Pradesh. “I am fortunate to be in Varanasi,” he stated. therefore, that which cannot be put into words. The players will dedicate this monument of Lord Mahadev to Lord Mahadev at a stadium that will be constructed in the city itself. The international stadium would be beneficial to Eastern Uttar Pradesh as a whole; Mr. Modi called it a blessing for the area.(Sports part of School Curriculum – National Education Policy 2023

National Education Policy 2023

At the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), together with former Indian players Sachin Tendulkar and Ravi Shastri, were President Roger Binny, Vice-President Rajiv Shukla, and Secretary Jay Shah. Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, was in attendance with Mr. Modi. The stadium, which will include floodlights in the shape of a trishul (a trident) and a structure in the shape of a damaru (a miniature two-headed drum), is anticipated to be finished by December 2025.

The 31 acres of land needed for the stadium were purchased for 121 crore rupees by the Uttar Pradesh government. The BCCI projects that the development would cost 330 crore rupees. Seven pitches will be present in the stadium, which can hold 30,000 spectators. The gallery will resemble the Ganga Ghats’ stairs.(Sports part of School Curriculum – NEP)

What will be the Changes in School

Sports will be a crucial part of the educational curriculum under the new system. The available infrastructure on the school grounds will be used to design the sports curriculum. Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the need of incorporating sports instruction into schools during his speech to the nation on the occasion of the country’s 75th Independence Day. PM Modi said, “You can expect policy changes that will integrate sports into the core of school education in the near future.”(Sports part of School Curriculum -National Education Policy)

  • There will be time allocated up for sports within a dedicated instructional week. Each student will be able to rank their hobbies and skills in order of importance.
  • However, depending on the facilities available, this will vary from school to school. Sports instructors in schools have more options depending on the students’ ability level.
  • For instance, a kid interested in track and field but does not have access to the appropriate facilities at their school might be sent to a neighbouring school to train on their facilities.
  • Crowdfunding will be promoted in subsequent phases for the construction of the essential framework for school sports. In this sense, networking among previous students will be encouraged.
  • The quality of sports training will also be improved by enlisting the assistance of retired sportsmen.
  • According to a different government representative, “Schools will be encouraged to offer an attractive compensation package for these sports employees so that students can receive high-quality training.”
  • There will be certification criteria for the sports personnel, just like there are for the teaching staff, according to sources.
  • Additionally, a network of skilled and medal-winning athletes will be developed, and depending on their availability, these experts can coach young people in schools.

(Sports part of School Curriculum – National Education Policy )

Sports part of School Curriculum

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